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"Our Member Engagement and New Visitor Returns Increased By 100%"

We build beautiful websites that connect churches with their members and potential visitors.

How Quantum Fire Labs Can Help


Turn Website Traffic Into Church Guests

Connect with your website visitors even before they visit your church! We use proven strategies like Plan a Visit to turn website traffic into church guests on Sunday and start building relationships with website visitors.


Increase Member Engagement

90% of text messages are read in 3 minutes. That's why a core part of our strategy uses text messaging to connect you with your members and increase their engagement in Small Groups and other events


Spend Less Time Updating Your Website

Our professionally designed Church Website Admin Portals are custom-built to your church's needs and workflows. That means that your team save valuable time and energy each week.

What Other's Are Saying

"The Plan a Visit strategy increased visitor signups by 110%!"

"We're able to run Bible Reading Month directly from our website because it's so easy to update! Members get a text each morning during the month where they visit the Bible Reading of the Day and can comment and interact with other members. It's great!"

"We're saving $500 each month in time and money put towards content updates on our website."

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