Avoid Spam Filters with Proper G Suite Email Configuration

G Suite – Google’s all-in-one IT solution for businesses is a fantastic tool. It offers so much for such a reasonable price that it can get any small business up and running with email, calendar, Drive, docs, spreadsheets and much more. And not only that, but it’s quite simple to set up and get going. Essentially all you need to do is purchase a web domain, connect it to your G Suite account, and voila, you’re off and running. 

However, with that ease of use is room for error. Email configuration is a very finicky creature. Google has made things a lot easier, but you still need to know what you’re doing. Incorrectly configuring just one setting can put you in a situation where your emails aren’t being delivered or get dumped into the recipient’s spam folder. 

These situations can have a devastating effect on your business, which is why it’s so important to set things up correctly. 

Below are a few critical steps you need to take when setting up your company’s email with G Suite. 

1. MX Records

Your MX records need to be configured in order for G Suite to connect to your domain. Email through G Suite will not work at all if this setting is not setup correctly. 

View how to set up MX Records here

2. SPF

This setting prevents spammers from sending unauthorized messages from your domain (spoofing). While neglecting this setting does not stop email from being delivered, it can have a negative effect on whether or your emails make it through to the recipient’s inbox rather than being flagged as spam.

View how to set up SPF here


Like SPF, DKIM provides a way for email servers to determine whether an email is authentic and prevents spoofing. DKIM is another relatively simple way to ensure that your email address is not being used to spam people (which would then cause all emails from your account to be marked as spam).

View how to set up DKIM here

While beating spam filters is not foolproof and is still up to the recipient’s email server, these basic settings are a crucial part of any G Suite setup and will give you a much better chance of email success. 

And if all this seems daunting or you’d like to talk to someone about your current IT solutions — we’re here to help. Schedule a strategy call with us at Quantum Fire Labs.