How to Download a File or Directory via SSH

There may be times when you find it more efficient to download a file or directory via SSH rather than a SFTP GUI. Here’s how to do that: To download a single file: To Download a directory (folder): Use the -r option If you’d like to change the destination location for either of these commands,…

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How to Edit Your Hosts File on Mac

Follow the below instructions to update your hosts file on Mac. 1. Open Terminal 2. Type in the following command to open your host file in Terminal: You’ll then be asked for your user password, enter it. Terminal will open the nano editor and it should look something like this: 3. To add a new…

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How to Add Super Admin to WordPress Multi-site Network


The simplest way to add a user as super admin is to have another super admin grant super admin privileges from WordPress dashboard. However, there may be times when this is not possible or is not convenient and you still need to add a super admin to your multi-site Another easy way to assign an…

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