How to Download a File or Directory via SSH

There may be times when you find it more efficient to download a file or directory via SSH rather than a SFTP GUI. Here’s how to do that: To download a single file: To Download a directory (folder): Use the -r option If you’d like to change the destination location for either of these commands,…

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Preventing Dreaded Downtime For Your Website: What You Need to Know

Woman sitting at desk frustrated with computer problem

Websites are like living, ever-evolving organisms, and they need regular care. This is even true for websites that only contain static content and aren’t updated with new posts or content. A website that is not maintained can break and become error-prone. This is due to the environments around websites that are continually changing. Brower updates,…

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This Common Website Issue Could Be Hurting Your Search Rankings

A laptop with the web browser open to Google

Search rankings and search engine optimization may seem like a mystical thing, but the reality is that there is a logical scoring system responsible for these rankings. For example, each link on a different website that points to your website scores a set amount of points for your site in its rankings. The higher the…

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Does Plan a Visit for Your Church Website Actually Work?

Does the Plan a Visit strategy for church website actually work?

If you’ve caught wind of any of the latest church digital trends within the last couple of years, you’ve no doubt heard of the Plan a Visit strategy for your church website.  You may wonder if any of these trends and strategies actually work — perhaps they even seem gimmicky — and I wouldn’t necessarily…

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Accept Payments On Your Site Without a Heavy Shopping System

Have you ever needed to accept payments on your site but don’t have a payment system built-in? What’s great about Stripe Checkout is that you don’t have to design anything, Stripe has done all the grunt work and all you have to do is create the Product you’re selling in your Stripe account, and then…

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Create a Next Steps Page for Your Church Website

If you’ve been in the church for any length of time, then you surely know about the Connection Card. They’ve been an important part of how churches stay in contact and connect with members or new guests for a long time (as far back as I can remember anyway!). However, things have changed drastically over…

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