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Preventing Dreaded Downtime For Your Website: What You Need to Know

October 28, 2019
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Websites are like living, ever-evolving organisms, and they need regular care. This is even true for websites that only contain static content and aren’t updated with new posts or content. A website that is not maintained can break and become error-prone. This is due to the environments around websites that are continually changing. Brower updates, WordPress updates, PHP updates, theme updates, plugin updates… Updates everywhere. All these updates may seem like overkill but it’s completely necessary. Stagnant, unchanging software is a playground for hackers since vulnerabilities are never patched or fixed. Plus, updates are a requirement for improvement and innovation.…

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This Common Website Issue Could Be Hurting Your Search Rankings

October 5, 2019
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Search rankings and search engine optimization may seem like a mystical thing, but the reality is that there is a logical scoring system responsible for these rankings. For example, each link on a different website that points to your website scores a set amount of points for your site in its rankings. The higher the reputation of a site that links to you, the greater the impact on your score. The same is also true for the technical aspects of your website. This is why it’s important to get these technical aspects right since they’re completely within your control. One…

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Why Your Church Needs to Use Text Messaging to Engage Members and Reach New Visitors

September 11, 2019

Have you ever gone to a website that has asked you to sign up with your email in exchange for a free resource? Of course, you have. Between pop-ups and newsletters and retail stores — everyone wants your email address. Have you thought about why that is? It’s because the ability to communicate directly to a person is extremely valuable in business and sales. You know what else it’s extremely valuable for? Ministry! If anything, it’s the fundamental most import thing in ministry — not your email address — but the ability to connect with people. Communication may take on…

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The Simple Reason Why Your Business is Not Getting Leads from Your Website

September 7, 2019

If I had a dime for the number of times I’ve heard businesses say, “All we need our website to do is present a good first impression to prospective customers looking us up online”. And so, when those businesses sign that contract with their web design agency — that’s exactly what they get. No less, no more. No traffic, no leads. Now, don’t get me wrong, that does serve a purpose. It’s crucial to ensure that your brand is well represented online and that you present a great first impression. But a website can and should do so more much…

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Does the Plan a Visit Church Website Strategy Actually Work?

September 6, 2019

If you’ve caught wind of any of the latest church digital trends within the last couple of years, you’ve no doubt heard of the Plan a Visit strategy for your church website.  You may wonder if any of these trends and strategies actually work — perhaps they even seem gimmicky — and I wouldn’t necessarily argue with you. The reason these tactics seem gimmicky is that so many churches employ these tactics, trends and strategies as, well, gimmicks. And by gimmick, I mean a quick and surface fix that doesn’t seek to understand the principle and the purpose behind the…

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How to Find the Best Website Designer for Your New Website

September 5, 2019

Website design and development has become more and more a commodity. With page builders like Wix and Squarespace, it’s easy to think that web designers are overrated or charge too much for something anyone can do. And you’re not necessarily wrong about that. If all you’re looking for is a website to post online so people can find your phone number — then by all means — there are great resources to do that yourself. And the reality is that a lot of web designers that businesses pay for do just this — just slightly a bit fancier. They’re essentially…

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Avoid Spam Filters with Proper G Suite Email Configuration

July 4, 2019

G Suite – Google’s all-in-one IT solution for businesses is a fantastic tool. It offers so much for such a reasonable price that it can get any small business up and running with email, calendar, Drive, docs, spreadsheets and much more. And not only that, but it’s quite simple to set up and get going. Essentially all you need to do is purchase a web domain, connect it to your G Suite account, and voila, you’re off and running.  However, with that ease of use is room for error. Email configuration is a very finicky creature. Google has made things…

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6 Reasons to Use Slack on Your Team

June 21, 2019

Email has its place in the workplace, but it’s far from a perfect communications tool. There are many times when email is not ideal for certain discussions, and that’s usually where a messaging application like Slack comes in. As a business that interacts with clients across North America, instant messaging applications are a huge part of the way we’re able to communicate with the teams we work with. Not all of these teams use the same app, some use Google Chat, but the majority of them use Slack. And it’s easy to see how beneficial these applications are for these…

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Accept Payments On Your Site Without a Heavy Shopping System

June 15, 2019

Have you ever needed to accept payments on your site but don’t have a payment system built-in? What’s great about Stripe Checkout is that you don’t have to design anything, Stripe has done all the grunt work and all you have to do is create the Product you’re selling in your Stripe account, and then copy and paste the code into your site. Everything on your site happens on the client-side and nothing passes through your server. Simply put: Stripe has made it easy for you to place a product button on your webpage which opens up a Stripe checkout…

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Create a Next Steps Page for Your Church Website

June 11, 2019

If you’ve been in the church for any length of time, then you surely know about the Connection Card. They’ve been an important part of how churches stay in contact and connect with members or new guests for a long time (as far back as I can remember anyway!). However, things have changed drastically over the last 20 years and the way the world communicates has shifted. As part of this shift, it’s increasingly the norm for people to go about their day without: a) a penb) cash We’re even getting close to going fully wallet-less. What we all do…

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